Are you fed up of trying to stay on top of your IT, working out what you need, how it needs to be setup and when something goes wrong not knowing where to turn?

You can rely on us for everything

Amazing Internet

Super-fast and reliable internet connectivity from all major providers, enhanced with backup solutions for uninterrupted operations.

Amazing Internet

Network Excellence

Robust networking setup including state-of-the-art data cabling, firewalls, switches, and wireless solutions.

Network Excellence

Hardware for Today’s Business

Up-to-date, business-grade laptops, PCs, screens, and accessories.


Essential Software Suite

Core business software including Microsoft 365 Premium, Adobe Pro, and other essential applications.


Robust Email and Data Backup

Comprehensive solutions for securing your email communications and backing up critical business data.

Email & Data Backup

Essential Tools for Efficiency and Security

Advanced tools for password management and signature management to secure and streamline your operations.

Essential Tools

Communications – Desk & Mobile

Integrated Communication Solutions for Seamless Connectivity


24/7 Support

Round-the-clock technical support for all your IT needs.

24/7 IT Support

Compliance Made Simple

Guidance and solutions for navigating and maintaining compliance with industry standards.

IT Compliance

Virtual IT and Compliance Manager

Our Virtual IT Manager and Compliance Manager service encapsulates the expertise and responsibilities typically associated with an internal IT manager and team, but without the associated staff and wage costs.

Virtual IT and Compliance Manager

Productivity – Systems and Tools

Systems and tools designed to enhance business process management and functions, from accountancy to CRM and project management.

Productivity Systems and Tools


We take control and take you on a journey

At Brightside, we recognise that the true power of IT and communications in business lies in the seamless integration and synergy between various components. Our holistic approach is not merely a collection of individual services but a unified ecosystem designed to bolster and streamline your business operations comprehensively. Here’s how we ensure a smooth, efficient, and empowering experience for your business:


Installation, Configuration, and Implementation

Seamless Integration: We begin by integrating our suite of IT and communication services into your existing operations, ensuring minimal disruption. This includes setting up robust connectivity, network infrastructure, modern hardware, software solutions, and unified communication platforms tailored to your specific business needs.

Tailored Configuration: Every element, from communication tools to cybersecurity measures, is configured to work in harmony, enhancing your specific workflows and processes. Our customised approach ensures that the IT infrastructure we develop not only fits but elevates your business operations.


Comprehensive Migration and Onboarding

Effortless Migration: We manage the safe transfer of your existing data and systems to new platforms, ensuring continuity and integrity. Our team handles every aspect of migration and system transfer with the utmost care, ensuring a smooth transition with no data loss or significant downtime.

Streamlined Onboarding: Our onboarding process is designed to familiarise your team with the new IT and communication environment. We support your team through the go-live phase, addressing any immediate questions or concerns, ensuring a seamless transition.


Empowerment through Training and Support

Customised Training: Post-implementation, we provide tailored training sessions to empower your staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilise the new IT and communication infrastructure.

24/7 Support and Proactive Maintenance: Our dedicated support team offers round-the-clock assistance for any IT challenges, coupled with regular maintenance checks to ensure optimal performance and preempt potential issues.


Strategic Improvements and Future Planning

Continuous Enhancements: We’re committed to regular assessments and improvements of your IT infrastructure, ensuring it evolves in line with your business growth and the digital landscape.

Future-Ready Planning: Together, we’ll identify future IT and communication needs, ensuring your strategy remains aligned with your long-term goals, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Return on Investment

Maximizing Value and ROI

Operational Excellence: Our unified IT and communications solution is designed to enhance operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and streamline processes, directly contributing to your bottom line.

Strategic Partnership: More than just a provider, we aim to be a strategic partner in your growth, understanding your business deeply to offer solutions that drive significant ROI through improved efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

Overline needed

Simplified Pricing & Billing

No Upfront Cost: Begin transforming your IT infrastructure without the burden of significant initial investments. Our model allows you to access comprehensive IT and communications solutions with zero upfront costs, making advanced technology immediately accessible.

Single Monthly Charge: Simplify your budgeting with a predictable, all-inclusive monthly fee that covers all your IT needs. This approach eliminates surprises, allowing for better financial planning and resource allocation.

Book your free IT Discovery and Report

We visit your site and understand everything you have from your internet, network and firewall through to the software, hardware and cyber security measures you have in place.

We bring this all together in a report to highlight everything you have, don’t have and then what we suggest you should have.

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