Networking Solutions and Connectivity

At Brightside Connect, we know that a robust network is the backbone of your business. It’s not just about connectivity; it’s about ensuring your operations run smoothly and securely every day. Leveraging years of specialised experience, we deliver custom network cabling and state-of-the-art firewall solutions designed specifically for small to medium businesses.

Our tailored setups boost your network’s speed, reliability, and security, safeguarding your data and providing the performance you need to thrive. Whether you’re expanding your startup or optimizing an SME, our network solutions lay the foundation for your digital success, aligning with your business goals and scaling as you grow. Let us empower your business with a network that never slows you down.

Business Network Solutions

Stronger Connectivity and Security for Your Business

Next Gen Firewalls

Next Gen Firewalls protect your business by blocking unauthorized access and potential threats. They keep your data safe, ensuring peace of mind and robust security.

Layer 3 Switches

Layer 3 Switches enhance your network’s efficiency by managing traffic within your network, improving speed and reducing delays. Ideal for growing businesses needing reliable connectivity.

Top Grade Cabling

Top Grade Cabling lays the foundation for high-speed, reliable network performance. It ensures fast data transfer rates and minimizes downtime, keeping your business operations smooth.

Wireless Everywhere

Wireless Everywhere ensures your workspace is fully connected, allowing flexibility and mobility. It boosts productivity by providing fast, reliable access to resources from anywhere on-site.

Monitored & Supported

Our network is continuously monitored and supported, ensuring any issues are addressed swiftly. This proactive service minimizes downtime and keeps your business running smoothly.

High Speed & Reliable

High Speed & Reliable networking enables your business to operate efficiently with fast data access and dependable connectivity, enhancing productivity and supporting your growth.


In need of immediate network infrastructure assistance?

Our ‘help first’ ethos means we jump straight to your aid, no questions asked. It’s our chance to prove our worth and pave the way for a future relationship built on responsive support and mutual trust.

Our team can be available quickly to help resolve your problem, no long-term commitment required.

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Tailored network excellence ensuring optimal performance, security, and productivity.

The Brightside Way: Tailored Network Excellence

At Brightside Connect, we pride ourselves on our meticulous, detailed, and professional approach to networking solutions. Our aim is to ensure that every client receives the network infrastructure they need to operate as efficiently and productively as possible. We delve deep into understanding the specific needs of each client, their operational requirements, and the unique demands of their sites.

Our team is committed to designing and installing networks that not only meet but exceed expectations, covering all essential bases—from security to speed and reliability. We care deeply about our clients’ businesses, their data, and their operations. It’s our priority to craft solutions that secure their networks, safeguard their data, and protect their people.

By removing common barriers such as network slowness and latency, and working flexibly around our clients’ schedules to minimise disruption, we ensure a smooth and swift transition to new network systems. The Brightside Way is all about getting you up and running on a superior network with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency, empowering your business to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

service benefits

Connectivity Benefits

Secures your data and ensures reliable connectivity across your office or building, forming the backbone of your thriving business.

why you need it

Why You Need Networking

A strong network infrastructure is essential for protecting against cyber threats and supporting the heavy data use of modern businesses.

potential ROI

Potential ROI

Enhanced security posture reduces the risk of costly data breaches, while operational efficiency cuts down on network-related downtime.


Revolutionising IT Infrastructure for Growth

EnviroShield Services, a leading nationwide provider of thermal insulation and heat tracing for commercial businesses, faced significant IT challenges. With a diverse team comprising office admin staff and 30-40 field-based engineers and installers, their IT infrastructure was a patchwork of mismatched hardware and software, lacking advanced cybersecurity measures. This inefficiency hindered their project management capabilities and compliance adherence, impacting their ability to handle an increasing workload effectively.

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Frequently asked questions

We answer common network questions and concerns

We specialise in structured cabling systems, Next Generation firewalls, Layer 3 switches, and advanced wireless solutions to create efficient, secure network environments for your business.

Our networks are secured with advanced cybersecurity measures including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption protocols to protect your data and operations from unauthorised access.

Absolutely! Our network solutions are fully customisable to align with your specific business requirements, ensuring you receive the most effective configuration for your operational needs.

Undoubtedly, deployment times vary depending on the complexity and scale of your network needs. Most standard networks are set up within weeks, while more complex configurations will be assessed and timed accordingly.

We provide ongoing maintenance and regular updates to ensure your network remains robust and up-to-date. This includes proactive monitoring and quick response to any potential issues before they impact your business.

Book your free IT Discovery and Report

We visit your site and understand everything you have from your internet, network and firewall through to the software, hardware and cyber security measures you have in place.

We bring this all together in a report to highlight everything you have, don’t have and then what we suggest you should have.

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